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Your car radiator is one of the most important operating components of your automobile. Responsible for keeping your automobile’s engine at a safe operating temperature, a malfunctioning automotive radiator could mean big trouble for you if you do not seek professional mechanical attention immediately.

Auto radiator and truck radiator problems can often develop without you even knowing it, with small particles of dirt and rust clogging up the essential elements, preventing your car radiator from being able to cool your engine properly. If this happens, your vehicle will over heat, potentially leaving you stranded. The best way to avoid such problems, which will inevitably happen with all automotive radiators as they age, is with regular routine maintenance and service. Being vigilant will help you catch minor car radiator problems before they become major ones.

What’s in a Color When it Comes to Radiator Fluid?
The coolant color game continues to confuse many in the auto radiator repair industry. Hopefully this easy reference will help!

Yellow Coolant: Valvoline G-05, CelCool, Ford Truck factory fill
Red-Orange or “Strawberry” Red: Detroit Diesel PowerCool Plus, Texaco & CAT ELC, and International & GMC Truck factory fill.
Fuchsia: FleetCharge, DDC PowerCool, CAT DEAC, factory fill at Mack and Freightliner.
Green: Many fully-formulated brands including Prestone HD, factory fill at KW & PB, unfortunately easily confused with conventional automotive.
Blue: Cummins-Fleetguard Compleat.

NoteColor is not always a reliable indicator of the coolant’s family. There are green conventional and hybrid products, and we’ve even seen one green carboxylate. There are yellow coolants in alll three families. So far, we haven’t seen any orange conventional products but there are both carboxylates and hybrids in orange. All can be found in shades of red and blue. To make matters worse, most of the colors change with time, drawing closer together and making matching even more difficult.

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